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Den-City (Then-City)


London SouthBank Urban Housing Regeneration Through Densification

Rooted only a few blocks below the SouthBank, the chosen site holds historic row housing, essential to the London culture and its rich history. The site is currently under tense pressures from forces of gentrification, densification and cultural preservation. Awarded of the capacity of the site and its limitations, the project was devised to navigate the pressure, while proposing a new system and housing methodology that would help advance the region towards a greater potential.


This project seeks to explore possible opportunities that fenced- off backyards can bring about. By clearing off the existing half-walled boundaries, the space opens up, allowing itself to be transformed into a communal courtyard, which is shared by both adjacent buildings' residents and the public in general. The ramp design creates a pedestrian-friendly environment, promoting a fluid circulation, while hosting various programs that enable people to live, study and play within one block.

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