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Instagram City

Professional Elective . Fall 2016 . Instructor: Daniele Profeta
Project Media: Video


Instagram have been used as a tool to represent a place or a city, Photos on Instagram are carefully selected by users to highlight certain parts of the urban landscape. Each photo is embedded with the owner’s own biased perception of a place. If he or she want others to the place in a positive light, his or her photos will be a representation of the appealing and refined side of that place. The act of producing and circulating these photos consequently makes Instagram a platform which promotes a city as desirable. Hence, if Instagram photos of a city are looked at collectively, they can have an impact on other Instagram users who have little knowledge or haven not ever been to a city and their decision in reality whether or not to visit the place.  Instagram is embedded with our visual data which in turn serves as input to decisions of others.





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